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Beautiful Mind, a Pivotal Illusion I-VI

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Pint of Science – Creative Reactions

Inspired by Dr Jan Freyburg’s talk: When our eyes can’t decide

Skyping with my collaborator, the Cognitive Neuroscientist Jan Freyberg in early April. I was struck by the event as I sat before my computer talking with Jan who likewise, sat before his device. That information, our conversation both visual and audio, was compressed in to electronic particles and transmitted across the World Wide Web of binary communication. I learned about his research in vision, particularly in relationto Autism and it led me down a rabbit hole of ‘thought experimentation’. This journey took me through a world of acceleration: a mass media of words and data, communication on information highways, articles and ideas, images and research, like flashing road signs as you speed by. It led me to a situation of sensory overload and a realisation that for many with abject Hypersensitivity, it is a world of confusion. In the search for Homeostasis, I was left drawing back to white noise.



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Crop Rotation Creative Signs

A month or so ago we had an informal meeting/conversation at the Community Garden about plans for the year, we did a spot of bird watching too for the RSPB for the national Birdwatch campaign. See results on the Empty Common Blog, dated February 22nd:

One of the suggestions made was to try a crop rotation programme, well we have got as far as marking out specific areas for each genus’: Legumes; Roots and Brassica.

I was approached by Charlotte of and one of the gardeners at Empty Common about making signs to mark out the plots, so using some lovely slate slabs & a bit of chalk marker as I used on the Big Black shed, we’ve made up some signs… (Brassica still to come  🙂 and they were put up this sunny Sunday, great to see them in their designated place!

I hope they are enjoyed and inspire lots of creative conversation and possibly gardening too!


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For Europe

mural Part I

The current situation regarding Britain and it’s place in Europe is a concerning one.  I was born in Germany, in a British military hospital. Up until the age of 18, for half of my life ‘home’ was located overseas in mainland Europe.

I see myself as a European,  Germany is as much my home as Britain.

Ultimately though, I am a ‘child of the Universe’. (Desiderata, Max Erhmann, 1927)

We are living in a time of serious Global issues and transition, the status of the Earth currently hangs in the balance. After so many years of war and hardship on both sides of the channel we should be concentrating on these Global issues, not unpicking the work and decisions (whether right or wrong) of that which has gone before.  This is a time when we need to work together for the Greater Good, for all, not just in the interest of the few.

During my French A-level, 1997-8 I visited Luxembourg City and conducted a field study asking the residents of the city what they considered their nationality to be: Were they European or Luxembourger? The majority answered European, and although a small Duchy nestled in mainland Europe, their History much like our own is drawn back to Iron Age Celts, Roman invasion and a ebb and flow of borderlines. Humans have existed in Britain for half a million years, for only 10% of that time has it been an island (England, Wales and Scotland).

Our ancestors were European and so are we.

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Valentine to the Earth

“The first heart of many I hope;  asking people to stop & take the time to #showthelove with a #valentine to the #Earth on a cold Saturday in #Cambridge was a challenge, but mastered by many in thought, words and pictures.

My thanks to all involved, @charliebrooke5 #tambopatalodge, Ferran Benages, #Salvador, Charlotte Levison, Jocelyn Kwok, Kettle’s Yard friend #keith, Anna at CambridgeGreens, Alana at Cambridge Carbon Footprint, Artist Diana Scarborough, Mia Baines, @niahelexis and Gabrielle Bezzi.

For Pivotal – The Cambridge Festival of Change​”