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New project: Drawing Connections …at the edges

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Now in its third week, I am pleased with the way this project is progressing.

Each week I walk from the session feeling immeasurably proud of what we have all achieved together. Preparing for the next session, I can only hope it will be as good as the last. Then as the next session approaches, the anxiety starts “how can it possibly be as good…” , and yet, it is as good just in a different way.

I picture something inflating, filling out in sections to realise it’s potential, to become something whole. To realise our capabilities, individually and together, creating something greater than the sum of its parts.

This is the post for last week, so far so good, long may it continue: Session Two with Manuela Hübner

With gratitude to everyone involved so far at every stage of the project, for the support, encouragement and for funding, thanks to #GFTA Arts Council England.

Looking forward to sharing more!

Rebecca Lindum Greene

Convener and coordinator of Drawing Connections
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Author: lindumgreene

Ultimately, it's all down to interpretation and this is my perspective: Looking through the window at Life. Nature is my main inspiration. Be that Human nature, or the natural world. My interests lie in all things creative, organic & good...

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