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Beautiful Mind, a Pivotal Illusion I-VI

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Pint of Science – Creative Reactions

Inspired by Dr Jan Freyburg’s talk: When our eyes can’t decide

Skyping with my collaborator, the Cognitive Neuroscientist Jan Freyberg in early April. I was struck by the event as I sat before my computer talking with Jan who likewise, sat before his device. That information, our conversation both visual and audio, was compressed in to electronic particles and transmitted across the World Wide Web of binary communication. I learned about his research in vision, particularly in relationto Autism and it led me down a rabbit hole of ‘thought experimentation’. This journey took me through a world of acceleration: a mass media of words and data, communication on information highways, articles and ideas, images and research, like flashing road signs as you speed by. It led me to a situation of sensory overload and a realisation that for many with abject Hypersensitivity, it is a world of confusion. In the search for Homeostasis, I was left drawing back to white noise.