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Empty Common ~Pivotal/ArtCOP21

The COP21 conference launched 30th November 2015 180+ countries came together to discuss the future of the Earth, and put together legislation to govern our use of the planet and her resources.

At this┬átime Pivotal – The Cambridge Festival of Change, ran a series of events in association with ArtCOP21 to engage people with the issues surrounding Climate Change.

The Empty Common Community Garden, where I have been painting the mural held one of the last events of the series, Gardener Charlotte Synge gave a talk about the importance of soil for future health of people and the planet. We held a small pop-up exhibition in the Polytunnel and musicians, poets, artists, scientists, activists, doctors, teachers came together to share in the space with a communal belief.

This short film captures the essence of the day, may 2016 be a Pivotal year for good, for all.

Pivotal Empty Common Poster


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