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Change Exhibition

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With Pivotal and Collaborating Cambridge

I’m very happy to be taking part in this exhibition, with two art works in the collection; one inspired by the change the hens have experienced in their ‘Revolutionary Retirement -BHWT’, thanks to the ‪#‎BritishHenWelfareTrust‬. Priced at £360, the proceeds going to support the charity. The second piece is a mixed media montage of photographs I took at Stamps End, Lincoln and the changing landscape with the destruction of the disused ‘power station’ there in 2003.


Here is a detail of the hen inspired image and the exhibition poster by Alan Rogerson aka. #Bagel Boy

#campivotalfest #change

Author: lindumgreene

Ultimately, it's all down to interpretation and this is my perspective: Looking through the window at Life. Nature is my main inspiration. Be that Human nature, or the natural world. My interests lie in all things creative, organic & good...

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