A Creative Life Collection

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Eskimo Zulu

Standing on the opposite side of the street

How came you to be there

Different and yet the same

Opposite, but intertwined?

Could it be that no matter

where you are, you bleed.

The same colour stuff as me.

You may see slightly different shades

Variations of packaging on a daily basis,

Really that’s just the wrapping.

Some people have bows on them, some

Like ribbon. I’m more of a twine fan.

Natural fibres, none of this plastic shit.

Brown paper with no additives.

Keep it clean, un-complicated & real.

We can put tags on them,

Write a few words, but what

Will this achieve? Attachment.

And disenchantment.

When you take the tags off

All that wrapping.

Revealed is what matters.


Here, there, everywhere.

Space, soil, seas & sand.

We’re Grains in the land of being.


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Abandoned Cargo

Slip Away knot of rope

Fastened to the souls of the drowned

For not in watery graves

Will these bodies of man lie.

Washed up on shores of turned backs,

Stood blind.

The tangled fingers of welk & sand

Tickle at conscious minds.